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Become a Member and take Self Intelligence to the next level.

The Self Intelligence Community is for you if...

1. Your 12 week Self Intelligence Course has finished and you would like continued support to complete the course and/or continued momentum and learning in Self Intelligence.

2. You want regular expert guidance and support to ensure procrastination, doubts, fears and complexity do not stop you from creating the habits that transform your life.

3. You highly value what you have discovered and you don't want to let the skills and habits slip away with the distractions of life. You want to be reminded on a regular basis.

4. You know regular support is the best way to get the results you are looking for. You know that trying to do it all on your own is just not realistic.

5. You want access to a like-hearted community because there are few people around who are genuinely interested in this subject.

6. You want access to a community of people to complete your Logbook to gain certification.

7. You want to hone your skills and build confidence to integrate this work in a professional context.

How does it work?

The Self Intelligence Community is offered as an online membership, no travel required and no interruptions caused by the current world situation.

We come together on a weekly basis for Integration Sessions. Integration Sessions are specifically designed to amplify and embody everything you discovered in the Self Intelligence course, including additional support in establishing key habits that transform your life and others.

Integration Sessions occur 6 am to 8 am each Tuesday morning (Brisbane time). Think of it like a morning meditation or yoga class that sets you up for the day (or week, or lifetime).

If you miss a session, don't worry, everything is recorded and downloadable, so you won't miss out. You have access for a lifetime, which is the major benefit of having online recordings.

Whats involved in weekly Integration Sessions?

STAY ON TRACK Expert guidance and mentoring

The 'ego protection' mechanisms can at times make self discovery confusing or overwhelming. Expert guidance is critical in ensuring you don’t let these challenges derail you. It takes clear guidance and gentle reminders to get you back on track with freeing yourself from ‘ego’ slavery. And together as a community, we all support each other directly and indirectly to break through our false sense of self.

GUIDED MEDITATION Self Recognition Practices

Self Recognition practices are fundamental to the embodiment of Self Intelligence. This is where we go beyond spiritual concepts to the direct experience of ‘Self’. Direct experience naturally ignites the intuitive intelligence of who you really are. Each Integration Session will support you to go deeper into Self Recognition and boost the regularity of your home practice.


Integration Sessions will cover important aspects of the Self Intelligence Course for further learning and development. This will be interactive and involve real life examples from participants in the community. This offers a great opportunity to share and apply the skills of Self Intelligence with expert guidance.


One of the biggest obstacles to waking up to the truth of who we are is self doubt. With self doubt many questions arise that require clarification and understanding. True understanding is critical. Understanding ensures there is no wriggle room for the ‘ego’ to continue the conversation you are fed up with. With understanding, you can let go and trust in the deeper truth of who you are, which yields the best results.


Each week you will be offered an awareness practice to go much deeper in the understanding of how, when and where the Ego manifests in your everyday life. The awareness practices broaden your understanding of Ego and therefore remove the blind spots that continue to cause relationship drama, health issues and lack of purpose in life. These awareness practices also dramatically improve your Trigger Enquiry skills. 

What you GET as a Member

REGULAR CONTACT Weekly Integration Sessions

Regular contact has proven to be key in developing Self Intelligence. The Integration Sessions are similar to the tutorial and mentoring sessions you experienced in the course. They are invaluable in developing your awareness of ‘ego’ states and to continue to holistically heal every aspect of your life.

COMMUNITY INTERACTION Access to the Self Intelligence Community Facebook page

The Facebook community page is where I will be adding new content, sharing insights and staying in touch with you through your live sharing. This community page ensures the vibe and momentum created in the course doesn’t fizzle out. We keep diving deep together to experience all the benefits of developing Self Intelligence.

1:1 SESSIONS Exclusive Access to 1:1 time with me

As a member of the Self Intelligence Community, you will have exclusive access to 1:1 Sessions with me at no extra cost (subject to availability). I no longer offer 1:1 sessions to the public. I have dedicated all my 1:1 time to members of the Self Intelligence Community and Self Intelligence Courses.

ALL NEW CONTENT Access to Updated Self Intelligence Course content

The Self Intelligence Community is designed to ensure you don’t need to re-sit the course. Member access ensures you will be the first to get all the updated Self Intelligence content, including Mentorship Session recordings for all past courses, 1:1 Session recordings from all past courses, new and updated Self Recognition Practices, Trigger Enquiry processes, Dialogue, Body Language and more.



Full price: $249 per month

Lifetime Special offer:

1 Person:
$99 per month (only $23 per week)
(save $150 per month)

Household: (3 people or more)
$249 per month ($19 a week, per person)

To get the lifetime special offer you must become a Member before the 1st of February 2023

(see terms and conditions)


  • Direct debit (bank or credit card)
  • No setup fee
  • No cancellation fee
  • No lock-in contract
  • Cancel any time

Direct debit payments are set up through Pay Advantage for both debit and credit cards (see terms and conditions).  

International students must use Visa or Mastercard.