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What is Self Intelligence?

Self Intelligence is the art of happiness and holistic healing

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It has been proven beyond doubt that 'happiness' is an inside job. Happiness is the result of having specific skills, habits and experiences that allow you to live beyond fearful and toxic Ego states.

Everyone experiences the limitations of the Ego. It's that voice in your head and images in the mind that cause:

  • Chronic stress states and health issues
  • Insecurities
  • Self-doubt
  • Procrastination, perfectionism and sabotage
  • Addictions & distractions
  • Caring about what other people think
  • Not feeling enough
  • Unresolved trauma

The list goes on.

This is the purpose of Self Intelligence. To overcome the internal battle of Ego and naturally experience fulfilment, healing and freedom in every area of your life.

Discover who you really are beyond the ego

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What does Self Intelligence

Let's break it down a little...

Self -  is about discovering who YOU really are beyond conditioning and the voice in your head.

Intelligence– is to have the knowledge, skills and habits that give you the confidence and ability to live beyond toxic and fearful Ego-states that cause drama, personal problems and suffering in our lives.

What is the Ego?
Ego occurs when we identify with anything that is not who we truly are i.e. roles, beliefs, achievements, thoughts, possessions, etc. To identify with anything that is not who you truly are creates a false sense of self that results in all forms of suffering.

If you're experiencing:

  • Relationship dramas (romantic, family, friendships, workmates, etc)
  • Toxic emotions and addictions
  • Fatigue, chronic health issues and pain
  • Unresolved trauma
  • Lack of direction, meaning and purpose
  • and many other forms of suffering

When these issues show up it's a symptom of Ego, meaning you're not being true to yourself - the false identity is putting you out of natural alignment.

Self Intelligence empowers...

Liberated Relationships

Self Intelligence will give you the skills to heal past wounds and experience joy, passion, spontaneity and profound respect - at any stage of a relationship.

You will learn specific skills to overcome any issue or challenge that arises in the sacred pathway of relating to experience relationships free of:

  • Neediness
  • Manipulation
  • Resentment
  • Game playing
  • Competitiveness
  • Insecurity, and
  • Expectation


Many health issues today arise from chronic stress. 71% of all death on the planet is the result of lifestyle related diseases according to the WHO - 2020.

Our health is majority impacted by:

  • Inner conflict
  • Toxic emotions
  • Unresolved Trauma, and
  • Lifestyle choices

At the core of resolving these issues is Self Intelligence. Not quick fix solutions, magic bullets or secret potions. Only by resolving the Ego fears and aligning yourself with who you really are can these issues be truly healed.

Meaning &

98% of people who die say they didn't fulfil a sense of purpose in their life. Often what stopped them was:

  • Old, outdated beliefs systems
  • Caring about what other people think
  • Fear of failure, rejection and humiliation
  • Not knowing their genuine passions and interests
  • Not knowing how to deal with perfectionism, overwhelm and sabotage

Self Intelligence the skills and habits to overcome any internal challenge that blocks the path of naturally discovering your purpose in life. 

The 7 Medicines of Self Intelligence that transcend toxic and fearful Ego-States.

Medicine 1: Understanding

Understanding is key. In fact, purely by understanding this subject well can unlock huge potential for freedom in your life. But as you may be aware, the subject of YOU is not taught at school or at home. Rarely anyone knows anything about it, which is strange given it’s the subject that impacts every aspect of your life.

Given that almost everything we have been taught growing up was focused externally, it can be quite a shock to look the opposite way and learn about yourself. The good news is, it’s the most natural thing to do.

This shift from external to internal creates simplicity, clarity and confidence, which is necessary when applying the skills that support you to free yourself of drama and suffering. Why? Because true freedom and happiness come with significant resistance from the Ego. It’s important you have a robust and clear understanding of what the Ego is, how it presents itself, hides, defends and runs your life while convincing you that you’re in charge. You must be able to easily identify it, and not get blindsided by its survival mechanisms.   

Self Intelligence provides a practical and experiential approach to understanding who you are beyond the Ego - no fluff, no unnecessary knowledge, concepts and jargon, no gurus, fixes, magic pills, hope or faith that goes beyond your actual experience. This is direct teaching -  simple, refined and powerful.  

Medicine 2: Self Enquiry

Self Enquiry is the art of asking questions that reveal who you really are. The starting point of Self Enquiry is, Who Am I? Who am I beyond labels, roles, stories, beliefs, etc…?

To use a metaphor, self enquiry is to ask profound questions about the number zero. Zero is absolutely critical in all mathematical equations, math would be impossible without it and yet zero is nothing. As humans, we have asked plenty of questions about 1, 2, 3, 4 all the way to 100 or even a million, or a billion but rarely does anyone ask questions about zero. Why ask questions about something that is nothing? Now that is a good question… the answer, because YOU are zero.

You are before 1,2,3,4 which means before names, labels, roles, stories and beliefs. You came into this world as zero and many things have been added and subtracted along the way. However, what doesn’t come and go is you - zero.

Self Intelligence offers the most powerful self enquiry questions that reveal the truth of who you are, as ‘experiential knowledge’ - not as conceptual knowledge. This process brings you squarely home with yourself where you feel naturally stable, joyful and free.

Curious about learning Self Intelligence...

Community Info Pack

Discover everything you need to know about developing Self Intelligence, including:

  • Community Membership
  • 5 Core Modules of Self Intelligence
  • Weekly Live Integration Sessions (recorded)
  • Unlimited 1:1 Sessions (no extra cost)
  • Access to over $4000 worth of resources
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Medicine 3: Meditation

Meditation is the most well known practice of self discovery. It is a vital skill in developing Self Intelligence that is scientifically proven to have widespread benefits. While self enquiry is the experiential study of SELF through powerful questions, meditation is the skill, practice and habit of bringing your attention into the present. 

Rather than being present, we tend to be consumed in the habit of putting our attention everywhere else. In our modern lives we have become increasingly distracted and consumed by past events, future goals, addictions - anything other than to ‘be here now’. Without the ability to be present, the mind becomes overwhelmed and very unstable. Internal instability creates emotional turbulence. Depression and anxiety increase, causing the fearful agitated mind to get louder. Any attempt to drown it out with more distractions only makes it worse. 

Furthermore, the habitual practice of bringing your attention into the present reveals the fact that you are ‘presence’. Presence is your true nature, your true home. The reality of who you are is only clouded by the habit of identifying with mind and body. Meditation is the habit of identifying with presence, which is the unchanging peaceful, stable and clear state always available no matter your life situation.   

Self Intelligence offers contemporary meditation techniques and skills that suit our modern lifestyles. These have been tried and tested to reveal the truth of who you are and to create a robust habit of ‘self awareness’ that naturally promotes peace, joy and fulfilment in your life.

Medicine 4: Trigger Enquiry

When we let the Ego run our lives we are bound to get triggered and being triggered quite frankly sucks!  All triggers are rooted in thoughts we believe are real, which is to say, to believe without question are true. Being triggered means we are arguing with reality. We are resisting ‘what is’ with the hope our disapproval alone will change it.    

A trigger is a catalyst to shed light on deeper unresolved issues that cover up who you really are. Triggers largely stem from our conditioning and negative past experiences. The Ego creates a personality to defend against these experiences happening again in the future. It is a mask made of psychological armour that is completely unnatural to you. Living this way is exhausting and by grace the universe presents circumstances in the form of ‘triggers’ to help you let it go. The problem is, all we have been taught is how to hold on tighter, guard more, protect more, compensate and inflate the Ego.  

Self Intelligence offers the skills to turn painful ‘triggers’ into self discovery. With these skills, you are no longer a victim of circumstance or a victim of your own mind. This provides immense freedom and further clarifies who you really are beyond the thought, beliefs and perceptions creating perpetual suffering.

Medicine 5: Communication Awareness

Communication awareness skills provide a profound opportunity for self intelligence. The Ego, i.e. your false sense of self, is expressed outwardly through communication. There are various avenues of communication to explore such as voice tone, body language, dialogue, posture, body types and the general condition of the body.

This is not about learning how to cognitively change the way you communicate or to adjust your communication style to better connect with, or persuade other people. Rather, it is a skill that teaches you how to witness your Ego through communication. Once you understand the energetics behind the way you communicate, you can then easily uncover the hidden beliefs, Ego patterns and identities you are mistaking as yourself. Advanced communication reveals defence patterns, emotional addictions, belief systems and Ego archetypes such as the victim, saboteur, prostitute and wounded inner child.  

Through Self Intelligence you learn how to be curious about what is showing up in your communication and how to apply specific processes to free yourself from identifying with Ego based personality structures that no longer serve you.


Join me for the Wake Up Experience, which is a FREE LIVE WORKSHOP and discover who you are beyond the Ego - this is the first step in developing Self Intelligence. 

Medicine 6: Radical Honesty

Radical Honesty is a skill that goes directly to the heart of Self Intelligence. If want to express and rest in the ‘naturalness’ of who you are, then radical honesty is absolutely paramount. 

It’s impossible to know who you are while pretending or inhibiting your natural expression. As children, we are radically honest. We speak and act in direct alignment with our innate impulses and curiosities. Our natural tendency to be honest is obscured in the process of learning what is ‘right and wrong’ by our caretakers and societal conditioning.

Why do we need  ‘radical’ as an adjective to ‘honesty’? Honesty would be enough if it wasn’t for the fact that honesty is extremely rare. Instead of being radically honest, we wear masks and present versions of ourselves we believe will give us the best chance of being loved, accepted and wanted. This is the Ego at work. This behaviour is so widespread, we mistake it for honesty. 

Radical honesty is to swap out the core need to be loved, accepted and wanted by OTHERS and replacing it with the truth in your heart. This is to put YOU at the core of your life and let the chips fall where they may. With radical honesty, those chips fall in all the right places - in the long run (and the short run too).

Self Intelligence offers a safe environment to learn the skills of radical honesty. This is critical. Without a safe space, learning radical honesty is like learning how to swim in the middle of the wild ocean.

The radical honesty I've been able to express has changed my relationships, shifted my emotional states, and eradicated attachments. ~ Georgia

Medicine 7: Aligned Action

The medicines of Self Intelligence are activated by aligned action. Without action, nothing changes, transforms or becomes ‘actualised’. The truth of who you are must be actualised and embodied for transformation and holistic healing to take place. 

Aligned action ensures you go beyond the point of no return, beyond the limitations of the Ego, to rest in the truth of who you really are. Without aligned action, the truth in your heart is reduced to a concept. You will never KNOW the truth or gain confidence in the natural laws of the universe without it. Action is the energetic that grounds, embodies, confirms and reflects the spiritual dimensions in the physical plane - as above so below.

Action also creates one of the greatest illusions and obstacles to Self Intelligence because 'action' is closely associated with achievement - which implies something you don’t have now. Aligned action arises from NOW without the need or expectation of a desired outcome to fulfil you greater than who you are.  You can’t achieve something more than yourself but you can create the habit of aligning your actions with who you really are.  

The habit of aligned action is about NOT letting doubt and fear stop you from living from a place of spontaneity and intuition. You are permitting yourself to learn, make mistakes, gather data, grow, evolve and truly experience life as a conscious being.   

This course goes directly to the core of who you really are. It is the most fundamental course I've ever done. ~ Dori

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