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Success Stories

Success Stories

The Self Intelligence Course has been the most profound, enlightening and important action I have ever taken!

I was petrified to do this course, fearing what would happen in 'my life' if I really faced the truth and took responsibility. My perceived outcomes were wrong! There's no mistaking I had some gut wrenching experiences but I wouldn’t change a thing - I loved it with all my heart.

Chris is the most amazing person I have ever spoken with. He is so genuine and open in sharing his experience and knowledge. I felt wholeheartedly he wanted me to succeed. Absolutely breathtaking and life changing.

~ Ann-Marie - Australia ~

This course has been the greatest gift I have ever experienced.

I cannot explain how powerful discovering Self Intelligence has been! I have spent 17 years identified and imprisoned by an “eating disorder” that I never felt was possible to be free from - until I embarked on this course.

The radical honesty I have been able to express since completing the course has changed my relationships, shifted my emotional states, challenged my beliefs and eradicated attachments. It has been incredibly liberating.

I have a sense of peace and ease knowing I have been given all the tools to transcend every challenge that comes my way. I don’t know if I could ever find the words to express the gratitude I feel.

~ Georgia - Australia ~

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Download this free beginner level Self Recognition Practice and experience the medicine of Self Intelligence in your life today.  

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Download this FREE beginner level Self Recognition Practice and experience the medicine of Self Intelligence in your life today.  

Self Intelligence goes direct to the core of who you really are.

It is the most fundamental course I've ever done. It gives you techniques, insights and experiences that encourage you to go beyond all that you thought you knew about yourself. Chris' support is a perfect balance between confronting and compassionate. I love this work!

~ Dorottya - Netherlands ~

Its been one of the best investments I have ever made!

For the past 3 years I have been experiencing 5/10 chronic pain. In just 3 months it has now reduced to a 2 or 3 and continues to improve week by week. Deeper joy and ease has returned and I feel so much more at home in myself. You can't put a price on that. Thank you Chris for bringing this work to the world. I am forever grateful
~ Christiaan - Australia ~

It was a big decision for me financially but it's been more than worth it.

I was talking to my psychologist and we both agreed the realisations, progress and changes I've made since completing the course would have taken me years to figure it out on my own.

Before developing Self Intelligence I was suffering from low energy and not really feeling alive. Three months later I feel more energised than I've felt for years, and I've actually taken on more challenges and workload than I was doing before. The difference is I'm doing things I feel aligned with - I have broken through fears that were keeping me imprisoned. This course has accelerated me in the direction I truly want to be going.

~ Jordan - Australia ~

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Seriously, my life before to after is very different.

This course is a habit builder, I have daily practices that are part of life now, not a chore. By continuing the practical processes and skills presented in this course I recover more quickly when life triggers me. I don't get lost in the projections and fears anymore.
This course offers actual experience, not just nice concepts. I actually feel different now - which is huge!

~ Dan - Australia ~

I now feel confident I am the driver of my life.

This course has truly allowed me to discover my inner truth. I have a sense of who I am and the feeling of coming home to myself has never been more comforting and exciting!

Chris delivers an amazing experience with materials that allow you to dive deep and feel 100% supported along the way. Chris's compassion and dedication for this work is truly inspiring. He has taught me how to be radically honest with ease and grace!

~ Jane - Sunshine Coast ~

There's no fluff in Self Intelligence.

I have come to see 'myself' in a ways I have never known before. I now have first hand experience of who I really am and practical tools that support me to recognise my own truth.

What I have discovered has support me to get over being a 'victim' of circumstance and I recover quickly from overwhelming situations. I have made a shift from living in survival mode, to experiencing happiness, peace and fulfilment in the everyday.

~ Rachel Speedy- New Zealand ~

This course has shone the torch back home to myself.

WOW. Where do I start! This experience has stripped away so many layers of who I believed myself to be. I feel so full of life whilst being so empty of everything I called "My Life" - what a paradox! Love Love Love this work!

~ Sophie - Brisbane ~

Even though my mind protested, I enrolled because I felt called to discover who I really am on the deepest level.

And I'm glad I did. The course has been nothing short of transformational and I've been given practical tools and experiences that have given me the confidence to go deeper into the core of my being.

Chris is a one of the most truthful, passionate and powerful teachers I have had the pleasure of learning from. He embodies what he teaches and empowers others to be who they really are. I have so much gratitude for Chris and this course. Thank you Chris!

~ Mardi Sprigg - WA Australia ~

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Can't wait to get started! Download my FREE Self Recognition Practice, and start your path of self discovery today.  

I now have a priceless backpack of tools that support, guide and empower me.

When I remember back before I completed the Self Intelligence Course, I was a half asleep person, surrounded by fog, seeking for something 'out there' to guide me.

Now, when I come home to myself, if only for a second, I feel pure joy and clarity in the recognition of my own essence.

And whenever I lose sight of who I really am, I know how to come home to myself.  I’m so grateful to Chris from the depths of my heart.

~ Magdalena - Germany ~

I would recommend the Self Intelligence Course 100% - it's for everyone!

I can now identify the ego states and work through specific processes to recover from being triggered. Chris is an enlightened teacher who is passionate about empowering people to be their best selves.

~ Michelle - Sydney ~

There is not one redundant word coming from Chris' mouth.

Radical honesty, humour, energy and joy simply poured over us during this course and we were shown were to go within ourselves to exude these natural qualities. No words can express the gratitude I feel!

~ Angela - Romania ~

I recommend Self Intelligence for everyone, you will be amazed!

This course has shown me how to find peace, acceptance and new perspective. I have discovered how to free myself of control and limitations by asking the right questions that reveal the truth.

~ Cindy - America ~

It's a fair dinkum homecoming. Get on it!

This course is a challenging and holistic adventure back to your true inner self. The never ending narrative of life in our western world seems to believe we need to 'add' more to ourselves to achieve happiness. The transformative beauty in this gem of a course is it makes you aware you are enough as you are... so whatever is not serving you is recognised and gets the heave ho!

~ Ro - Tasmania ~

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Want to get started right! Download a FREE guided
Self Recognition Practice and discover who you are today.

Want to get started right now! Download a FREE guided Self Recognition Practice and discover who you are today.