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Online Course

The Self Intelligence Course has been the most profound, enlightening and important action I have ever taken!
~ Ann-Marie

Be honest, how many times have you gone against yourself in jobs, relationships, when making pressured decisions, or after being triggered or traumatised by events and circumstances?

Notice the emotional toxicity, reactions, compensations, addictions and distractions that crop up as the coping strategies to deal with this stuff - only making matters worse.

In fact, things can get really bad, even fatal, if we don't wake up and deal with the real causes. 

Self Intelligence is an invitation to go deep into the core of who you are to free yourself and holistically heal every aspect of your life.

Self Intelligence is the right fit for you if...

You're done with the endless drama.

You're tired of trying to meet the expectations of other people. You're sick of running after what society says is 'normal' and made to believe will create 'a happy future'.

You know fantasies of happiness and fulfilment aren't true, because you've been there already and experienced the unfulfillment for yourself, or, perhaps you just know it intuitively.

But even though you know it, you still find yourself waiting for something to happen and the change you really want never comes.


This course has changed my relationships, shifted my emotional states, and eradicated attachments. It's been incredibly liberating. ~ Georgia

Happy 2

You want to know HOW to
self heal, discover your purpose and enjoy drama free relationships.

You want practical skill-based empowerment. Processes, tools and techniques you can apply. Skills you can develop. Results you can count on.

What stops people from being themselves more than anything else is lacking confidence. Skills provide CONFIDENCE. We all know this. Self Intelligence offers you a simple, clear pathway free of Guru vibes and fluffy concepts.

You do the work and you get the results.

I have daily practices that have actually changed the way I feel - which is huge!
~ Dan

You want to share your wisdom.

After experiencing transformation in your personal life, some of you will want to share these skills directly with friends, family, clients and beyond.

With the knowledge you have gained and practical skills you have learnt, you can choose to integrate Self Intelligence when working 1:1, in groups and in any career path that is 'NATURAL' to you.

You are provided with an easy to use, step-by-step structure to implement with clients with no limitations.

This content is not only designed to grow with you, it supports you to find your own unique path within it.

Share wisdom

Want to make sure this course is the right fit for you

Book a FREE 20min discovery call and get all the details

Want to make sure this course is the right fit for you

Book a FREE 20min discovery call and get all the details

How does it work?

Self Intelligence offers everything you need to gain the confidence and skills to free yourself from the inside-out and just in just 12 weeks.

Everything is delivered online, no travel required and you can learn at your own pace. This online course has been designed for people who have full, busy lives but want to integrate profound and meaningful transformation.

If you're working full time, studying, planning to have a baby or doing a renovation, don't worry. You have 12 months to complete the course.

Plus, everything is downloadable and all the live interactions are recorded for you to watch in your own time, so if you can't make it you won't miss out. This way you can work to your own schedule and soak up the learnings for life. This is the major benefit of flexible online learning.

There's no fluff in Self Intelligence. I have the practical tools to recognise my own truth and connect with who I really am.
~ Rachel

Whats involved?

MODULES 'SELF' knowledge and skills you didn't get at school

The content covered in the Self Intelligence modules combines profound spiritual practices, holistic therapy and coaching. The learning material comprises of pre-recorded video lectures, quizzes, challenges, coaching processes and tools. This course is highly refined, simple and direct to the core of personal transformation. The modules selected offer the fundamental skills that give you the results you are looking for.

1:1 SESSIONS WITH CHRIS KNIGHT Outstanding support

One of the biggest concerns with online group learning is feeling you might not get the 1:1 attention you need to get the best results. Firstly, there are limited places in this course to ensure everyone is supported and furthermore, you have direct access to my 1:1 support and attention through 1:1 Sessions. These sessions are 1 hour in length, which you will have access to once per month, at no extra cost. This is an extremely rare offering of support that makes this course truly special. 

LIVE MENTORSHIP SESSIONS over two hours of Live interaction each week

LIVE Mentorship Sessions are where everything you are learning comes to life through expert mentoring, Q&A, group sharing of the processes and live interaction with me each week for a minimum of 2 hours. The guidance provided in the mentorship sessions encompasses the core skills and understanding of Self Intelligence. This is where you witness and experience the power of Self Intelligence in real-time with real situations. The radical honesty and truth that comes through these sessions form deep connections with the other participants in the course, creating a profound healing and transformational environment.

CHALLENGES All success comes down to new habits

This course is designed over a 12 week period to give you plenty of time to learn the course material, develop the skills and create transformational life habits. All success comes down to creating empowering habits. You are going to be put to the challenge of creating these habits to ensure what you have learnt and discovered penetrates deep in your bones where you benefit for a lifetime.

How it roles out

Modules open up one fortnight apart on Monday mornings at 9 am (Brisbane time AEST). For each module, there is an average of 1hr video lectures to watch, followed by a 30min quiz (which you can't fail). 

LIVE Tutorials:
When a module becomes available you will have 3 days to watch videos and complete the quiz prior to a
2hr LIVE Tutorial on Thursday morning 6 am - 8 am (Brisbane time AEST).

LIVE Mentorship Sessions:
You will also receive extra support in a 2hr LIVE Mentorship Session, which commences the following Thursday morning 6 am-8 am (Brisbane time AEST) 1 week after the live tutorial.

You will be further supported with challenges designed to support you to embody the most important skills of Self Intelligence, along with group and buddy support for accountability, connection and deeper experiential learning. 

You don’t need to attend the LIVE tutorials and mentorship sessions. Everything is recorded for you to watch in your own time. You will have access to the entirety of the online course for a minimum of 12 months from the commencement of the course.

Here's what you get

CLARITY The Confidence of understanding

Clarity unlocks you from the chains of doubt. With clarity comes confidence. It’s easy to risk being true to yourself when you know where you're going. Without clarity, you become overwhelmed, confused and frustrated. Don’t put yourself in the 'too hard basket' and continue to suffer the same repeated choices.

In the course you are going to get clear about:

  • Your primary purpose

  • Who you are beyond the ego (experientially)

  • What the ego is and how it creates suffering

  • The level of consciousness you are growing through

  • Navigate and understand the mirror life is reflecting   

THE "HOW TO" Embodiment through skills

I hear this time and time again, literally thousands of times, "I don’t know HOW!" And it’s true. You haven’t been shown. The skills of Self Intelligence are still extremely rare in our society. Most people can point out their problems but have very little idea how to address them. We weren't taught this stuff at school, at home, or anywhere for that matter. 

Skill up for freedom and overcome:

  • Debilitating fears, limiting beliefs and old stories

  • Past trauma & childhood wounds

  • Boundary issues & inner conflict

  • Addiction & distractions

  • Perfectionism, sabotage and procrastination

ACCOUNTABILITY Transformation through habit

This course is specifically designed to support you not only to discover powerful skills of personal transformation but to turn them into life changing habits. People often stop at the experience but don’t create the habits that take them past the point of no return. If you’re serious about experiencing true freedom and healing, having support and accountability is essential.

Develop life changing new habits through:

  • 3 months of online support

  • Live weekly classes

  • Enquiry and Meditation challenges

  • Live coaching sessions and sharing circles

  • Access to the Self Intelligence Online Community

RESULTS You do the work, you get the result

This course has been created with one very clear intention - to give you tangible, unmissable, holistic results. With a loaded toolbox of tried and tested skills and processes that transform lives, alongside having the necessary support to develop and habituate these experiences into your every day -  you now have a winning formula to experience the results you have been longing for.

Here a just a few of the outcomes:

  • Liberated, drama free relationships 

  • Self healing of bodymind illness, addiction and trauma

  • Naturally discover meaning and purpose

  • Advanced communication skills

  • Lifelong love, joy, freedom and peace




SELF ENQUIRY: Discover who you really are.

Self Enquiry is a direct path to discovering who you really are by understanding the nature of the ego and learning to ask the most powerful and taboo questions about your true nature. These are the keys that unlock the doorways to your fullest potential.

Skills developed in this module:

How to identity and free yourself from toxic ego states

100% clarity on what your purpose is

Discover the most important questions for self discovery

Activate your internal compass and intuition

Disarm ‘gatekeeper’ fears blocking self healing and internal freedom



Emotional Release Meditation is designed for people who struggle with meditation and for those who want to go much deeper in their current practice. In this module you will learn powerful embodiment techniques to overcome a habitually busy mind, mind attacks, mind fog, thought coma, overwhelm, anxiety, toxic unresolved emotions and overall body tension and stress.

Skills developed in this module:

Instantly remove toxic emotional states and stress with breath and body tremor techniques

Learn meditation techniques for the modern world that get results

How to overcome the greatest obstacles of meditation

Amplify your intuition, creativity and spontaneity

Discover unending peace, joy, love and freedom from within


TRIGGER ENQUIRY: Your sign posts to freedom.

Triggers are our best friends disguised as our worst enemies. Like a warning light in your car, triggers work in the exact same way, they are here to help us when we know how to respond to them. Trigger Enquiry provides a quick, effective process designed to transform ‘how you feel’ and 'respond' to challenging people, situations or events. Only when you transform how you 'feel' are you really 'free'.

Skills developed in this module:

Pinpoint why you attract certain negative experiences and patterns in your life

Uncover your primary Ego states that keep you spiralling in toxic emotions

Decipher the hidden messages behind triggers that give you profound guidance

Experience how your body reveals hidden triggers

Resolve past trauma, relationship drama, chronic stress and bodymind symptoms


BODY LANGUAGE: Uncover ego masks.

Body Language provides a powerful insight into 'what is really being said' behind ego masks. The body doesn't lie. It is moved by energy into symbolic shapes that represent our true perceptions and beliefs in response to what is happening. Body language provides a powerful entry point into enquiry and is rocket fuel for your awareness.

Skills developed in this module:

How to identify ego masks

Uncover the hidden meaning behind body language

Learn 100+ face and body gestures

How to transform body language patterns

Discover the energetics of body language


EMPOWERED DIALOGUE: Read between the lines.

Empowered Dialogue takes an in-depth look at the energetics and psychology behind the words we use. Words point to perceptions and reveal unconscious belief systems. Understanding the energetics behind the words we use reveals what is truly being communicated, which is critical in discerning the truth from ego states, masks and protection mechanisms.

Skills developed in this module:

Dramatically increase communication confidence

Discover 25 words that disempower your life

Step-by-step processes to transforms disempowered dialogue

Advanced communication skills when dealing with conflict and confrontation

Resolve confusion or misinterpretation in any conversation

Want a Career in Waking Up the World?

Become a Certified Coach

Want a Career in Waking Up the World?

Become a Certified Coach

Want to work with people?

Here's the good news...

1. You don't need to be a guru with all the answers.

You are given a tried and tested step-by-step framework that does the heavy lifting and takes out all the guesswork. There is no pressure on you to have the answers for your clients.

2. You don't need a lengthy degree or modality i.e. psychology, massage therapy or yoga teacher training to get to the root causes of stress, suffering and pain in peoples lives.

The root causes are actually very simple and holistic but are often avoided because they can be challenging. Facing real issues removes all the complexity.  

3. You don't need the 'science' to validate what you know is true.

We have all the science to back you up. Everything you learn is evidence-based. 

4. You don't need to have everyone's solutions.

All solutions are personalised and unique because they come directly from the client. No more one-size-fits-all cookie cutter solutions.

5. You don't need to have the pressure to fix people and have clients dump their issues on you.

You are given the tools and techniques that generate self-awareness, self-responsibility and accountability. You learn to guide clients to develop specific skills that empower them for a lifetime.

6. You don't need to feel overwhelmed with opening pandora's box.

You are given the complete framework and personal growth to hold space for deep investigation without having to be more than who you are right now. 

7. You don't need to worry about overstepping your current scope of practice.

This program is certified with IICT and insurance is available with BMS.    

Professional Application

Self Intelligence Coaching is a stand alone qualification, which gives you everything you need to confidently see paying clients.

If you have existing qualifications, Self Intelligence skills and coaching processes have been trialled and tested to seamlessly integrate into 1-1 sessions, group work, online courses and niche services.

Self Intelligence skills and coaching processes are not rigid, they are designed to be used in any way you see fit for yourself and your clients. The following is a list of just a few of the professionals who have integrated Self Intelligence knowledge and skills to drastically improve client outcomes and their business success.

  • Self Improvement Specialists:

  • Life Coaches, Mentors, Consultants & Lifestyle Advisors 

  • Therapists:

  • Psychologists, Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Energetic Healers, Art Therapists

  • Teachers and Trainers:

  • School Teachers, Yoga, Pilates, Fitness Instructors, High Needs Educators

  • Corporate:

  • Change Management, Human Resources, Sales, Executive Level Management

  • Community Workers:

  • Social workers, Disability and Aged Care workers, Police Officers

Become Certified

Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 2.27.17 pm

Self Intelligence Coaching is an approved modality with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists IICT.

Completion of the course awards you certification as a Self Intelligence Coach Level 1 Practitioner, which can be utilised and integrated with a diverse range of professions (insurance is approved with BMS).

The Self Intelligence Coaching qualification enables you to consult people in all areas of their lives to ensure they fulfil their true potential and create an optimal internal and external environment for holistic healing.

Scope of Practice

The Self Intelligence Coach's role is to provide education, experiences and skills that support a client to:

  • Live beyond psychological fear
  • Transform 'shadow' challenges
  • Heal inner-child wounds
  • Recover from trauma
  • Remove internal blockages that cause procrastination and sabotage
  • Resolve relationship drama, negative patterns, and toxicity
  • Create boundaries
  • Resolve addictions
  • Overcome limiting beliefs, conditioning and past stories
  • Activate intuition, purpose, vision and aligned values
  • Increase Emotional Intelligence
  • Create the internal environment for holistic, natural healing of mind and body
  • Understand the Ego and how it manifests in various areas of life
  • Identify and transform psycho-emotional triggers
  • Release toxic emotions
  • Reduce stress, confusion and overwhelm
  • Develop life changing awareness
  • Develop advance communication skills
  • Cultivate true freedom, fulfilment and happiness

The Self Intelligence Coach facilitates this through one-to-one consultancy or group coaching support where the client can develop specific skills and habits with the guidance of the coach.

The skills and habits include:

  • Self Enquiry
  • Trigger Enquiry
  • Emotional Release Meditation
  • Body Language
  • Empowered Dialogue

About the Trainer

With a long list of qualifications and wisdom to draw from across holistic therapy, coaching and spiritual practices, Chris has over 15 years experience working with thousands of clients and students worldwide.

Chris has dedicated his life to empowering people to transform and heal their lives by waking up to the truth of who they really are.

His direct, no fluff, empowering and deeply compassionate approach is refreshing and relatable to everyone.

His vision is to provide experiential ‘Self Intelligences’ education as a primary means to address the challenges people face in the world today.  

Its been one of the best investments I have ever made! Deeper joy and ease has returned and I feel so much more at home in myself. You can't put a price on that.
~ Christiaan

Success Story

For over 15 years Georgie suffered from a condition called Anorexia Nervosa. Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder that results in various bodymind health issues, severe weight loss, and ultimately - it can lead to fatal outcomes including suicide.

To the shock of her family and friends, after only 5 months after completing the Self Intelligence Course, Georgie no longer suffers with this condition.

Dates & Investment

COURSE DATES: (12 Weeks)
2023 dates TBC

2023 enrolments TBC




$2,750 (save $500)

Enrol and pay in full by (2023 dates TBC) to get the early bird special.

Enquire about extra special discounts for couples and families by booking a Discovery Call.




$500 deposit followed by payment plan:

  • 12 monthly instalments of $250
  • 6 monthly instalments of $500
  • 3 monthly instalments of $750

International students must have a Visa or Mastercard.




Full payment due 2 weeks prior to course commencement.


Bonus 1

Emotional Anatomy Textbook The Ultimate guide to Body Reading. 

This book provides everything you need to physically assess the entire body. This knowledge reveals the psychological state the body is expressing and unlocks a profound awareness that supports holistic healing and awakening. The Emotional Anatomy textbook is only available here.    

Get a 40+ page preview of whats inside the Emotional Anatomy Textbook - Download Here


Complete 'How to' for body reading, profiling and assessment

Identify physical blockages and the hidden meaning of the entire body

Get your body type characteristics, gifts, strengths and challenges

Identify ego layers and physical trauma

Understand what the body is communicating through posture and symptoms

Valued at $199

Bonus 2

Self Intelligence Community 1 Month Free Access

The Self Intelligence Online Community is available for students who have completed the Self Intelligence Course and want to stay connected with like-hearted people and integrate the skills and habits offered in the Self Intelligence Course.    

What you get as a member:

1:1 Sessions at no extra cost

Weekly 2 hour LIVE Integration Sessions

Weelky guided Self Recognition practices to create the habit of self discovery

Course revision to ensure integration and life long transformation

All updated content for future Self Intelligence Courses

Valued at $249

$99 per month for ongoing members


Success Stories

Transformational stories of those who have developed the skills and habits of Self Intelligence.

Success Stories

Transformational stories of those who have developed the skills and habits of Self Intelligence.