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Welcome to the Self Intelligence Community

Whats involved in the weekly Live Sessions?

CLEAR UNDERSTANDING Weekly teachings & Q&A

Each week you will immerse in teachings that unlock fearful and toxic ego states that cause drama, personal problems and suffering in all areas of your life. Topics include relationships, boundaries, addiction, stress, mental health, sexuality, finances, bodymind psychology and much more. You can request a topic to be discussed to understand it through the lens of Self Intelligence. 

GUIDED MEDITATION Self Recognition Practices

Each week you are guided through a Self Recognition Practice. Self Recognition Practices go beyond spiritual concepts to the direct experience of ‘Self’. Direct experience naturally ignites the intuitive intelligence of who you really are. Each session will support you to go deeper into Self Recognition and boost the regularity of your home practice.

AWARENESS PRACTICES Ego Mastery and Shadow Work

Each week you will be offered an awareness practice to go much deeper in the understanding of how, when and where the Ego manifests in your everyday life. The awareness practices broaden your understanding of Ego and therefore remove the blind spots that continue to cause relationship drama, health issues and lack of purpose in life.

ENGAGEMENT Group interaction and Challenges

Throughout Live Session, participants will be called upon to share their experience, awareness and understanding. Participants will be taken through specific Self Intelligence processes to embody the subject or teachings in real-time with the expert guidance and support of Chris Knight.


Live Sessions offer direct support to students who have enrolled in the Self Intelligence Course. This will be interactive and involve real-life examples from participants in the community. This offers a great opportunity for those who haven't enrolled in the Self Intelligence Course to get an in-depth understanding of what's involved.